Bee Thousand

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No matter what your medium, whether its paint or clay, cooking, music or just words on paper the creative process is a messy one. Getting the idea from the brain to the canvas, if that’s your instrument, is primal, chaotic and often very sloppy. Creativity springs from passion. It is life, all natural, and just like in nature, nothing is clean and tidy. Those of us in the business know the undertaking can also bee frustrating, as you struggle either with a creative partner, a client or just yourself.

The creative process is both intimate and revealing. A painter friend of mine once said, “An artist who takes the risk and puts a piece of art out there, that’s good art”. He was speaking to the point of putting yourself out for others to see hear and criticize. It is a risk, that can be very scary and very rewarding. I guess that is why I enjoy the process. I like the experience of starting from nothing, developing an idea and taking it from concept through to the final product.

When you listen to a Guided By Voices album, especially their earlier ones, you sometimes wonder at what point in the creative process did Robert Pollard say, “OK, we are done with this, lets put it out.” Bee Thousand is the band’s 1994 release, a raw roughly cut plater of 20 songs that were most likely set free very early along the creative chain, but are in no way any less brilliant than later more produced GBV albums. In fact this record would probably not be as great if it had been rubbed up more.

From the starting line to the finish line, Bee Thousand is a workbook made up of mini 1 to 2 minute oysters.

“Sitting out on your house, watching hardcore UFO’s, drawing pictures, playing solos to them . . .

In-between you will bee serenaded and intoxicated by a multitude of unseasoned little pearls, smothered in hugs. It’s a magical spellbinding trip through a creative exercise guaranteed to charm and entertain.

…Rusty and divided steel, the race is yet to come.”

Take the time, forget the mess and let your mind run.

Bee Thousand
Hardcore UFO’s
Buzzards and Dreadful Crows
Tractor Rape Chain
The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory
Hot Freaks
Smothered in Hugs
Yours to Keep
Echos Myron
Gold Star for Robot Boy
Awful Bliss
Mincer Ray
A Big Fan of the Pigpen
Queen of Cans and Jars
Her Psychology Today
Kicker of Elves
Ester’s Day
Demons Are Real
I Am a Scientist
You’re Not an Airplane

And now that you’ve expanded the mind, Do the Collapse

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