Don’t Look Back

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Kicking off the new year with the classic 1978 follow-up album to Boston’s juggernaut self-titled debut.

Twenty Fifteen was not only the warmest year in recorded history, thank you global climate change; we also saw more gun violence especially here in Chicago, ugly grotesque politicians who have made lying, racism and bigotry the standard bar for the upcoming presidential election along with continued racial unrest, income-inequality and of coarse terrorism. Some say the number one movie of the year, ‘and the Oscar goes to’, will be Spotlight, a film detailing the Boston Globe investigation of the Roman Catholic Church revealing how hundreds of priests for decades molested children while the church paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to hide the truth and cover it up.

With all that in mind, I say “Hello to Twenty Sixteen”! Let’s look forward to the upcoming year. Hopefully our current President will use his executive powers to get a few final things  done while our sloth of a congress rolls over and continues to scratch itself. Then when our first female president takes office, she can enact some of the bright ideas Bernie has brought to the table during their face off for the Democratic nomination.

Me? I’m just going to keep running. It helps me think. It enables me to clear my mind of all the noise and pollution that weighs me down, hinders and distracts my ability to see the future and the road ahead. No resolutions here, just a conscious effort to continue moving forward.

Don’t Look Back
Don’t Look Back
The Journey
It’s Easy
A Man I’ll Never Be
Feeling’ Satisfied
Use To Bad News
Don’t Be Afraid

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