Nick Waterhouse – Time’s all gone

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Nick Waterhouse’s music sounds like it was recorded with a single microphone in 1960 at a beach house party just as the police are about to arrive. Saxophones squawking, guitar solos ever so slightly working toward rock and roll from the R&B beat; even the drummer is having a hard time staying with the R&B standard. Waterhouse’s pleasingly wrecked guitar playing is matched by singing that teeters out of control every so often, like he’s trying to get this gig done without losing his guitar when the mayhem starts. Only the female backing vocalists maintain their cool, as if teasing the overheated party that is about to get busted.

Waterhouse is in his mid-twenties was not even born by a long shot, when this sound hit the AM radio airwaves. But unlike the period-piece posturing of some of his retro-soul peers, Waterhouse isn’t interested in precise replications on his debut, “Time’s All Gone”. I think it all about the surf inspired groove that started to dominate Southern California music scene back in the day. Nick Waterhouse has buckets of cool to spray in your face, when he cuts back to a time and place long forgotten.

“I think I found a girl, I can talk to
I think I just found someone to replace you”
Don’t you forget it – Track # 3


“I’m looking forward to seeing Nick next month and hearing some new tracks off his latest album “Holly”

Time’s all gone – 2012

  1.  “Say I Wanna Know”
  2. “Some Place”
  3. “Don’t You Forget It”
  4. “I Can Only Give You Everything”
  5. “Raina”
  6. “(If) You Want Trouble”
  7. “Indian Love Call”
  8. “Is That Clear”
  9. “Teardrop Will Follow You”
  10. “Time’s All Gone Pt. 1”
  11. “Time’s All Gone Pt. 2”

Enjoy The Beat – David

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