CSNY 1974 – first set

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Have you ever seen one of those guys out on the beach meticulously scouring every inch of the sand with a metal detector? Everyone else out there is enjoying the summer fun, swimming, and sunning, taking in the views along with the rays, but this guy has his head down, unaware of everything around him, moving back and forth like a vacuum combing the sand. He might as well be on Mars, he is so out of place and weird. The other beach dwellers eye him and move out of the way when he gets near. He is in another place and another time, and every once in a while, he stops and bends down to poke at a spot in the sand and if he is lucky, he will reach down and pull out a long lost hidden treasure such as this one from 1974.

CSNY 1974 is like a rare stone that has been buried in the sand for over 40 years. It documents one of the most chaotic, highest-grossing rock tours of the time. The music here, the versions of these classic songs, is exciting and the harmonies are fine. It showcases some of the best work from these four talented musicians who, like lightning striking, came together to form CSN&Y. But this tour was notorious for its turbulent and troubled coarse. The playing and singing only veils the disdain and bitter infighting within the group. It is this combination, the competition and hostility between band members that fuels these three exciting live sets of music in this treasure chest box set. This is truly a sweet and sour gem that sparkles in the sun, but it’s sharp, and has an undertone that cuts. CSNY 1974 is every bit as good as 4 Way Street. It has power, excitement and energy and is sounds great! Everything you want in a live performance. It is a real find. Just don’t step on it. Rather, pick it up and run with it.

CSNY 1974 – First Set

1. Love the One Your With
2. Wooden Ships
3. Immigration Man
4. Helpless
5. Carry Me
6. Johnny’s Garden
7. Traces
8. Grave Concern
9. On the Beach
10. Black Queen
11. Almost Cut My Hair

Time capsules like this remind us how powerful music can be. It’s not all just rhyming, chirping and twerking. It’s funny, or maybe not so funny, how 40 years later songs like Immigration Man, Prison Song and World Game are as pertinent today as they were back then. On the Beach, Neil Young sings, “The world is turning, I hope it don’t turn away…”

Enjoy some new, old CSN&Y

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2 thoughts on “CSNY 1974 – first set

  1. Thanks David. I’m enjoying the hell out of this musical journey we are taking together. Keep’em coming my brother! T.

  2. Tom. Your last paragraph was so right on! I just read it. As I was listening to the album and I kept saying to myself, WOW! nothing has changed. After 40 years since this album and concert, we have not solved any of these universal problems. A tip of my hat to your insight. Being born only hours apart makes us brothers just from different mothers and fathers. D.

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