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Nirvana – Nevermind 1991

The death of Kurt Cobain 20th anniversary is April 5th and Nirvana is going to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame April 10, 2014 as these dates looms near. I thought it would be fitting to talk about Nirvanas’ most commercially successful album “Nevermind”. The albums’ name is a misspelled word, and it became the vernacular for the entire generation, along with defining an entire music genre started in Seattle Washington better known as “Grunge”.

Let me set the stage of the seminal song “Smells like teen spirit” first line is “load up on guns and bring your friends”. Huston I think we have a problem. Now let’s flip to the video of the same name. You are in high school attending a pep rally. The local high school rock band “CHAKA” named for one of the most prolific graffiti taggers ever is playing for the school. The cheerleaders are all dressed up in their usual outfits with the only exception are the anarchy sign emblazoned on their tops. The pep rally reaches a crescendo as the student body mosh pit gets out of control as Kurt smashes his guitar. All the while the school janitor keeps perfect beat with a floor mop. I guess the school is home of the “anarchists”, way cooler than my high school home of the Chargers”.

Nevermind, a record with so much more pop and punk punch than any music it inspired. Of course, no diamond-certified, canonical treasure hitting the two-decade plus mark can be left well enough alone — especially one that changed the lives of a lot people now approaching middle age, with the discretionary income to prove it.

GlacierMy friend Tom who started, just finished a book called “Glacier” some twenty odd years in the making. It’s a story set in the early nineties that weaves a final road trip of childhood best friends, the music of Nirvana and the art of the time, through the twists and turns of having to grow up and move down a grungy path to an unknown future of adulthood. It is now available on as a digital download just click the book cover.


Enjoy the grunge and check out the book! – David

Smells like teen Spirit


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