A Quick One

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In August 1967 Keith Moon decided to celebrate his 21st birthday early by throwing a party at a midwest Holiday Inn. After trashing several rooms, helping a Lincoln Continental find its way into the hotel swimming pool, and knocking out his own teeth, the members of The Who were banned from the hotel chain for life. That same year, Pete Townshend says he found God in his room at a Holiday Inn in Rolling Meadows Illinois. Now I’ve been to that Holiday Inn. I won’t  say what I was doing there, but it wasn’t lying in a vibrating bed with the TV on listening to the sounds of suburban road noises out the open window, which is probably why Meher Baba didn’t come to me.

The Who was touring behind their second album The Who A Quick One; one of the few early records in which every member, even Moon, contributed to the writing. They were competing with the Beatles, Stones, Kinks and Cream who were riding the psychedelic wave of the mid sixties, and Townshend who was in the process of shedding his Mod alter ego was feeling a bit lost and left behind. It would be a full year until he would pen the band’s break out record the rock opera Tommy.

The Who A Quick One is filled with the signature pop sound the band was known for at the time. Short 2 to 3 minute songs surrounded by buzz and feedback from Townshend’s muscular guitar trials. The album suffers a bit from the production of the day, but all-in-all it is a fine run when listened to on headphones. It exemplifies the first incarnation of one of the greatest rock bands of all times.

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