The Grey Album

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Mashup what the hell is that? Well, I have become a fan especially with the talents of DJ Danger Mouse. How do you take the cappella version of rapper Jay-Z’s The Black Album and combine it with the iconic White Album by The Beatles and have it become a master piece of it’s own. Well this guy has true mash vision, and lets copyright laws remain grey.  After the limited release of this music, EMI tried to sue to no avail.

Jay-Z offered his thoughts on the album during an interview on NPR. “I think it was a really strong album. I champion any form of creativity, and that was a genius idea—to do it. And it sparked so many others like it… I was honored to be on—you know, quote-unquote, the same song with The Beatles.”

Paul McCartney said as part of a BBC documentary titled The Beatles and Black Music, produced by Vivienne Perry and Ele Beattie.

“It was really cool when hip-hop started, you would hear references in lyrics, you always felt honored. It’s exactly what we did in the beginning – introducing black soul music to a mass white audience. It’s come full circle. It’s, well, cool. When you hear a riff similar to your own, your first feeling is ‘rip-off.’ After you’ve got over it you think, “Look at that, someone’s noticed that riff.’”

If you love the Beatles song “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” Which is one of my all time favorites and turn it on to Jay-Z’s “What more can I say” It turns into something more that just two songs. It a tribute to the Fab 4 and a story of growing up on the hard streets of New York.

Keep mashing it up DJ Danger Mouse, I salute you.

Enjoy the Music – DB

No. Title                                                 Song(s) sampled
1. “Public Service Announcement”       “Long, Long, Long”
2. “What More Can I Say”                     “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” “Top Billin'” by Audio Two
3. “Encore”                                             “Glass Onion”, “Savoy Truffle”
4. “December 4th”                                 “Mother Nature’s Son”
5. “99 Problems”                                   “Helter Skelter”
6. “Dirt Off Your Shoulder”                   “Julia”
7. “Moment of Clarity”                          “Happiness Is a Warm Gun”
8. “Change Clothes”                             “Piggies”, “Dear Prudence”
9. “Allure”                                             “Dear Prudence”
10. “Justify My Thug”                           “Rocky Raccoon”
11. “Lucifer 9 (Interlude)”                  “Revolution 9”, “I’m So Tired” “Ave, Lucifer” by Os Mutantes
12. “My 1st Song”                                “Cry Baby Cry”, “Savoy Truffle”, “Helter Skelter”


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