Today’s Runner, Exodus by the great Bob Marley & The Wailers, turns 40 this weekend.

With all the graduation hoopla currently going on I’m reminded of the time my friend Jack C and I went out and bought a pack of Swisher Sweets, moseyed on out to the corral, the designated smoking area for students at my high school, and fired up. It was the last day of senior year, and the first and only time we ever made an appearance out there. And to our surprise, nobody seemed to mind. We milled around puffing away on these stinky plastic tipped cigars chatting with guys and some gals (‘Burnouts’ as they were called back then) whom for four years we had never had any reason to associate with except the occasional common laugh at a teacher gaff or possible pairing in auto shop. Graduation is a funny and unique window when all the peer groups, stereo types and clicks that make up the high school experience come together for a short time to acknowledge the ending of one phase in life and to celebrate the “movement of the people” on to the next chapter. All attend and everyone is invited to the parties and gatherings no matter who you are or what badge you wear.

To all the 2017 Grads, savor this your time and enjoy the Exodus.

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