Suzanne Vega



So I’m riding in the car with my daughter and Tom’s Diner comes on the radio. She says, “oh my god, they totally ripped off Centuries by Fall Out Boy.” I looked at her and asked, “what’s that?” She answered, “It’s the song and these guys totally ripped it off.” I said, “Huh…I think you’ve got it wrong, this is Tom’s Diner by Suzanne Vega, this song came out in the 1980’s.” She then proceeded to roll her eyes and say, “Sure Dad, Tom’s Diner, right.”

It’s funny how kids these days think the world began when they were born, and that nothing existed before that. I had to show her the vinyl when we got home. She then went on YouTube and gave me a listen to Centuries by Fall Out Boy. Seems they took the repeated line in Tom’s Diner and sang it throughout the song (We think they may have lifted some Maroon 5 or Adele in there as well). I’m not sure how the Vega chorus managed to find it’s way into the song. Maybe one of the group’s players use to be rocked to sleep by it as a child. There is no doubt about where it came from though. Not that it’s worth a law suit or anything. It’s not like Fall Out Boy is Led Zeppelin.

For today’s Runner, enjoy Suzanne Vega from her self titled 1985 debut. Good Stuff…and if you want to compare Centuries by Fall Out Boy to Tom’s Diner, here you go.

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