RIP 1999



Don’t worry I wont hurt you. I only want to have some fun. 1979 partying like it’s 1999.

In 1979, I discovered Prince by some unlikely characters. I was 18 years old, off to college, moving in to the freshman dorms at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Setting up my stereo was first on my list and then trying to figure out where to put all my surfboards in a very small room. I got the stereo working and put on Supertramp, Breakfast in America and turned up the volume.

Dirty_MindSam and Tony were my dorm neighbors, they had just arrived from Detroit, Michigan. They walked in to my room carrying Prince’s Dirty Mind album, and asking a bunch of questions about surfing and my surfboards. Sam took Supertramp off the turntable and put on Prince saying you gotta listen to this guy. If you don’t know, the cover of “Dirty Mind” it is picture of Prince wearing girls black underwear a bandana with a new romantic jacket. I was concerned about these two at best but the music was funky and had good groove.

As time went on Sam kept bugging me about wanting to learn how to surf. I finally took him one day to the beach, set him up with a wetsuit and a board.  Sam was hooked after a few scrapes and tumble’s. I think he was one of the first black surfers on the Central Coast. I know he is still surfing, living the dream.

Now some 30 years later, Prince is on my regular rotation of music that I listen to while working. My lesson learned is never judge and album by its cover. I hope Prince is driving a little red Corvette to the beach, surfing perfect purple paisley waves somewhere, and partying like it’s 1999.

Purple and Paisley forever,


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