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Here is why I don’t listen to the radio anymore. I’m driving to the store, flipping through stations, and land on WLUP’s midday show and the DJ says to me something like, “Here is one from that 80’s one hit wonder, Midnight Oil.” Then she proceeds to play Bed’s are Burning. WTF! How do these people get these jobs?

So I go home and look up the DJ on the web and she is this 20 something with cartoon rock hair and tattoos everywhere, pushing her chest out and giving her best Joan Jett sneer. So basically she was, at the very least, in diapers when this band was at the height of its popularity putting out great records, yes entire records, like 10 to 1, Blue Sky Mining, and Diesel and Dust, their masterpiece about Australian Apartheid, which by the way, is still alive and well down under.

Midnight Oil (originally called Farm) was formed in Sydney in 1971. The group changed its name to Midnight Oil in 1975 and formed its own label in the late 70’s. They were politically active and outspoken. They earned their first gold record for Head Injuries in 1979, and followed that up with Place Without a  Postcard which went platinum on the strength of the hit single Armistice Day. The follow up to that was Today’s Runner 10 to 1 which spent two years on the Australian Top 40. This is a really great album! Between 1988 and 1993 they had 8 top 10 singles on the billboard charts, and the group has released 14 albums in its over 30 year run.

So how about this, try turning the radio off, logging into soundtrax and enjoying some full albums of really great music.

“One hit wonder”. . .Shite!

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