You Get What You Play For



Circa 1977
The light blue Chevy Chevette accelerates up the on ramp with John behind the wheel. His brother Tim rides shotgun, his head hangs low out the side window, drying his wet hair from the morning’s shower. The car reaches maximum speed as John weaves in and out of traffic like a manic pinball racking up points in our own private Cannonball Run. Tim pops in a newly minted cassette tape. Woodfield is off in the distance and the flashing lights and siren close in from behind. “The wind outside is frightening, but it’s kinder than the lightning life in the city. It’s a hard life to live but it gives back what you give . . . and I’m not missing a thing, watching the full moon crossing the range, riding the storm out.”


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One thought on “You Get What You Play For

  1. In my (my parents) 1977 Cutlass, I begin the tape when I leave the driveway. We are on our way to Wisconsin to buy or drink or both. By the time I pick up everyone and we turn off Dundee onto Route 12, the piano solo is just ending and Kevin says, “Ohh yeah. All right people, climb aboard, let’s take a ride down Riverside avenue, 157. ALL RIGHT? HERE WE GO!” I make the turn onto Rand road and push the accelerator to the floor. The front end of the car lifts up as the drum rolls and then… bliss! I still get chills. Some of the best moments of my life!

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