Harder Faster



I thought I would wrap up the month with this one. There is plenty of spandex and hairspray here to go around. Along with the Scorpions, Michael Schenker and a few others, April Wine set the dress code for the hair bands that would flood the airwaves in the mid and late 80’s.

Everyone who saw April Wine live in concert raise you hands. Why am I the only one with a hand up? I’ll tell you what though, after today’s run, kick back and have a glass to this out on the front porch. I won’t be mad if you only make it through the first couple of songs. Sure, “I like to Rock”, but you will probably want to say goodbye after the second tune “Say Hello”. If you do stick it out though, you won’t miss the closer, 21st Century‚Ķ Schizoid Man.

Enjoy a little April Wine!

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