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The Jazz Butcher - Sex and Travel


This one is for my ex-roommate Jack, from those many years ago. We subsisted on a bottomless cooler of beer, and endless stakes on the Weber in that smoke filled apartment with the large screen TV (the kind with a tube) a couch, a chair, water beds and a revolving door of female companionship. With the Godfather and Jeopardy on the tube, Jackson Browne and the Butcher on the turntable, thank god, we got out just in time before we both ended up “down the drain”. What a Holiday it was, and here’s to never having to go back.


Sex & Travel

1 Big Saturday
2 Holiday
3 Red Pets
4 Only a Rumor
5 President Reagan’s Birthday Present
6 What’s the Matter Boy?
7 Walk With the Devil
8 Down the Drain

FYI, the banner art at the top of this website is from the wall of that apartment.

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