Strange Ways, Here We Come



Ironically the Smith’s album Strange ways Here We Come, turned out to be the first and only record that brought all four band members together in the studio to help write and contribute to the creative process. As to the title, “The way things are going”, said Morrissey, “ I wouldn’t be surprised if I was in prison twelve months from now.” It would be the first and last time the whole band (not just Morrissey and Marr) really worked together to craft the music. It would also be their swan song.

For me, the highlight of the album (and probably my favorite Smith song) is the hauntingly powerful Death of a Disco Dancer, which followed up on the misunderstood drift of Panic (from the previous year) that discotheques were a decadent and dangerous environment. The beautifully sad yet light hearted Girlfriend in a Coma touches on love lost. The band had planned to end the record with Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me when Marr, while messing with and old Autoharp in the studio, wrote the melancholy chord progression that would become I Won’t Share You, the final Smith’s Song.

“All the no-shows and blowouts that happened, particularly over the last two years of the band, were a very significant factor in my decision to quit the band and a huge factor in my no longer feeling the same friendship with Morrissey.”

Johnny Marr, March 2011

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