Running a marathon is an incredible experience. Nothing compares to the emotion and euphoria that I experienced the first time I ran one and crossed the finish line. Seeing all the people cheering me (and the other runners) and having my loved ones, who had been waiting for hours, there was amazing.  I just can’t explain how it feels. You are so totally spent, raw and vulnerable. Out there for everyone to see. It’s extraordinary.

There are hours and hours of work that goes into preparing for a run like that. Hundreds of miles of training to get your body ready for the event. Even if you are not a super athlete, and you just want to finish the race, you have to have dedication, and work really hard.

To mark my 500th mile, the half-way-point of my quest to run 1000 this year, I pulled out Santana’s 1979 album Marathon. If you run a 10 minute mile like I do, you would have to listen to this album 6 and a half times in a row to finish a full marathon. Personally, I like to mix it up, but here it is for you to take out for a spin.


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