Swing To The Right

Swing to the Right


“A Modest Proposal” for a “Swift” end to all our troubles by Todd Rundgren’s Utopia, Swing to the Right came out two years into the Reagan era in 1982. That was a decade that would see the national debt triple in size under Reagan’s trickle down economics. 10 years later in 2000, after receiving a balanced budget and surplus, Bush 2 would add 7 trillion dollars by giving huge tax breaks, and starting two unfunded wars. Now we have a Republican running for the office of president that wants to go back to that economic policy of increasing military spending, and gutting programs at home like health care and education.

Like Jonathan Swift’s essay, A Modest Proposal, electing this republican ticket would be absolutely ridiculous and totally self-destructive. It would prove the old adage that history repeats itself and that we are stuck in a perpetual cycle of stupidity and short-sidedness that we will never escape.

Also Like Swift’s essay, Swing To The Right starts out satirizing the state of the nation, pointing out the crapola; the societal shift toward money, self and personal ambition over the commonwealth. But, Rundgren flips the coin and concludes this album on a positive note, reminding us all that “we are only human”, and we share this one world together, and that we the people “out here on the streets” can bring it under control.

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