In 1990 my friends Dan and Trace dragged me to the Chicago Theater to see a Dead Can Dance show. It was their first North America Tour, and I had never heard of the band so I didn’t quite know what to expect. Given the name, I was thinking it was probably some sort of goth act like the Cure or Joy Division. It turned out to be nothing I expected, or had ever experienced before.

Today’s Runner Spirtchaser is a gorgeous blend of rhythmic percussion and ethereal vocals. Lisa Gerrard’s voice is that of a nightingale, rich and melodic, both powerful and vulnerable at the same time. It is not of this world. Brendan Perry is brilliant. His guitar and voice never overstated, rather delicately tied with Gerrard creating a beautiful harmonic lattice that flowers with mystique throughout. I love to run to this record. It powers my legs and kindles my body and soul.

Happy birthday to me, and to you.

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