Led Zeppelin IV

Led Zeppelin IV


I know why people like to listen to “Classic Rock”. It’s like seeing an old friend, and when it’s one you haven’t seen in a while, even better.  You’re comfortable, you talk, laugh, finish each others sentences. You know what’s coming, what buttons to push and when to let off the gas. Led Zeppelin IV is like that. It’s like an old friend. You sing along with it, word for word, and you know when, and where, “the levee breaks”. The guitar, drums and bass will never let you down, and after a listen, it’s hard to say goodbye, but in the end, when it’s over, “crying won’t help you and praying won’t do you no good…”

“Go to Chicago!”

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One thought on “Led Zeppelin IV

  1. Yes, 1976 was when most of those original punk bands were critneag a scene in England but only a couple had deals and released singles before 1977: Anarchy and New Rose were among the first I think.This was the year of Tom Petty’s first UK tour I believe (American Girl being the single). I saw them at Friars in Aylesbury with Bob Geldoff’s Boomtown Rats supporting (they dubbed them Tin Potty and the Windbreakers ) and later with Nils Lofgren-this was his promo tour of I came to dance -. I’d been interested in his stuff since Cry Tough and backtracked to his work with Grin. In my mind an underrated guitar player and songwriter and a pretty good gymnast too!

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