I watched the inspiring, 2011 Sundance Award Winning film, Buck last night. It is an amazing documentary about Buck Brannaman, a real life horse whisperer, who through his life’s work has managed to heal himself from a very abusive childhood upbringing. He communicates with, and inspires both horses and the people around him by way of his gentle sensitive nature. With kindness, respect and understanding he works with horses, learning from them as much as they from him.  It’s an incredible story!

I was surprised and pleased to hear Eddie Vedder’s voice over the closing credits with a new Pearl Jam song “Just Breathe”.  In homage, I’ve dusted off Today’s Runner, Pearl Jam’s debut from 1991. Powerful, Ten is an extreme document that deals with loss, guilt, survival and redemption. Great guitar, writing and passion. Hard to believe it’s been over 20 years.

After running to this one, I thought to myself, you know, screw Ted Nugent! Yea, he rocked my world way back when. But if you want to see a real strong man in a cowboy hat, check out this movie – Buck. You will be blown away.

It just seems like a Pearl Jam kinda day. Enjoy Ten this morning, and then stream Buck on Netflix tonight.

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