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The Cuckoo’s Nest was a punk rock nightclub that was located in Costa Mesa, California. There were often confrontations with the punks from the Cuckoos Nest and the Cowboys from Zubies, which shared a parking lot. The police were constantly harassing the punks as if the cowboys didn’t contribute to the tension. It was fun most times, other time not so fun. OC Bands like the Agent Orange, Social Distortion, and The Vandels played regular gigs there. TSOL may have called it home. TSOL started out strictly hard core punk with vocals by Jack Grisham, with songs like “Property is theft”, “Abolish Government”, and “World War III”. Then the band changed to something more.

TSOL’s third full length album Change Today, the first with this new lineup. The album brings forward a new singer, Joe Wood (Jack’s brother-in-law) and new drummer. Joe Wood became the new Jim Morrison of the punk movement, a cross dressing glamorous leather clad mystic with a voice to match. The song “Flowers by the door” has a guitar that haunts you with lyrics of love going wrong.

Even years later Guns n’ Roses drummer paid tribute wearing a TSOL tee shirt while touring and in a famous video. Do you know what music video it was?

Enjoy the Music – DB

TSOL Change Today (1984)
1. Blackmagic
2. Just Like Me
3. In Time
4. Red Shadows
5. Flowers by the Door
6. American Zone
7. It’s Gray
8. John
9. Nice Guys
10. How Do

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3 thoughts on “TSOL – Change Today

  1. Well the needle did drop in many ways both from the recording converted from LP to mp3 and what G n’ R got into. Good trivia, maybe not. Enjoy the music

  2. Come on now, Steve Adler wore the t-shirt in the Sweet Child O’ Mine video…they filmed the video in the Huntington Ballroom in Huntington Beach, California. Duff, the basist has a CBGB t-shirt on…great video, but “where do we go, where do we go…now”

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