The Jim Carroll Band – Catholic Boy


I just remembered this album while watching a movie on Netflixs called “Tuff Turf”. The young stars of the movie include; James Spader, Kim Richards, and Robert Downey, Jr., who also sits in as the drummer in the movie with the Jim Carroll band. Classic trashy new wave film about teenage angst.

Catholic Boy (1980) is an album that has staying power. “People Who Died” is played on alt radio stations often. What I really like is Jims voice, both his unique vocal sound and the lyrics behind the songs. He was a poet, author and briefly a rock star, with the encouragement of the mother of punk rock Patty Smith.

Jim died on September 11, 2009 in New York City at the age of 60. Long live The Jim Carroll Band.

Enjoy the Music – DB

Catholic Boy (1980)

1.    “Wicked Gravity”
2.    “Three Sisters”
3.    “Day and Night”
4.    “Nothing Is True”
5.    “People Who Died”
6.    “City Drops into the Night”
7.    “Crow”
8.    “It’s Too Late”
9.    “I Want the Angel”
10.   “Catholic Boy”

The front cover photograph was taken by Annie Leibovitz


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