Enjoy the Melodic Sunshine


After the millennium things were different. The world became a little darker, and it wasn’t the Y2K scare, but rather a series of events culminating around the 11th day in September of 2001 that created a sanctioned viewpoint of hatred, fear, and lies; started multiple wars; and brought the world economy to the brink of financial collapse.

During that time a ray of Sunshine came into my world, and on September 20th 2002 my life became a whole lot brighter.

Today’s Runner is a trippie throwback to the Birds, Pet Sounds, CSN and the harmonies of another time, and like my daughter, when set against today’s “New and Noteworthy”, Cosmic Roughriders’ melodic sound is as beautiful, unique and out of place as a sparkle in the rain.

“Highway to the morning sun, highway to the morning sun, highway to the morning sun, and the morning sun is you.”

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