Saw these guys last night for like the ten thousandth time. Let me just say that even though the kids won’t be going GaGa over these ladies, it will be a long time before some of today’s popular musicians put together a catalog as long and fat as this band.

Today’s Runner hales back to 1971 when a young Kevin Cronin fronts the original line-up of Doughty, Gratzer, Philbin, and lead guitarist Gary Richrath. I mean, come on,  these guys played at my high school back then! R.E.O./T.W.O. is packed with post-sixties rockers and anti-establishment songs, and although it’s no Déjà Vu, it still holds up and sounds pretty darn good. I know, it’s easy to poke fun at old timers like REO, especially when they put out records like The Earth, a Small Man, His Dog, and a Chicken, or a Christmas album called a Not so Silent Night, but there is a reason why these relics have stuck around for so long. Sometimes you reach way back, say–40 years, and you’ll find a few gems like this one. Enjoy.

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