Diesil and Dust


Out of the desert comes the haunting sounds of voices that cry, “There is enough for everyone…” Diesel and dust is what we breathe, and in some ways we still haven’t learned the lessens this lullaby sings to us. This record is moving, an inspiring testament of suppression and to the human struggle to break free of it. “Some people laugh, some never learn. This land must change or land must burn.”

Try to time your run to start your final kick at around 39 minutes so that you are coming home to ‘Sometimes’. It will move you!

Sometimes you’re beaten to the call, Sometimes.
Sometimes you’re taken to the wall
But you don’t give in

I know that the cannibals wear smart suits and ties
I know they arm wrestle on the altar
I say don’t leave your heart in a hard place

Sometimes you’re shaken to the core, Sometimes.
Sometimes you’re faith is going to fall
Don’t you let it

Sometimes you’re beaten to the call
Sometimes you’re taken to the wall
But you don’t give in

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